What does it bring to the crypto market?

The creation of AI Universe not only provides absolute security for the crypto market, but also brings more wealth to investors and users

Maximize revenue

Revenue is the main concern of every investor. Most people choose to invest in tokens or DeFi projects because of their high yield.
Ai Universe maximizes the NFT yield and switches funds to higher yielding quality segments for STAKING or liquidity mining according to the real-time arithmetic yield, providing investors with higher returns. The rule of compound interest retention effectively utilizes funds to promote maximum returns.

Low operation threshold

Ai Universe will lower the entry threshold of the whole industry after giving certain value liquidity through platform specific ways, filtering out DeFi-like application operations such as asset switching, pledging, pool selection, redemption, etc. Users can simply participate in the system ecology.
Gasfee is low: the various steps of a typical project require 1-2 contract calls, each costing anywhere from $10-80 USD, for example for Ethernet, which can even break $100 USD when the Ethernet network is congested. The Ai Universe arithmetic pool pass is centralized, for example, 1000 people only consume Gas fee once, which can be close to zero Gas fee loss for each user.