NFT Trading Market

In the future, we will release the first Ai Universe NFT series and the later NFT trading market, where users can pledge only NFT for mining, while NFT can be traded with each other, auctioned and self-taken in the trading market.
NFT value embodiment is very important, he can bring lucrative income to the investment, and in the future NFT will form a set of asset synthesis system.

NFT asset synthesis

AiDATA ecology will create a new NFT synthesis protocol, users can synthesize assets and mint new coins, the synthesized new Token can be online interest-bearing, but also the user's credentials to deposit assets in the AiDATA ecology. In the lending market, locked funds can only be used when they are unlocked, and when funds are withdrawn, the amount of funds credited to the lending pool is reduced.
With the introduction of new synthetic tokens, this side effect can be avoided as the funds deposited in the AiDATA ecosystem will circulate in the open market as new synthetic tokens and will not affect the locked funds in the platform, thus not reducing the amount of funds available to borrowers